Connected Blueprint™ for Field Service

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With Connected Blueprint™ for Field Service, you’ll get a customized strategy that makes the most impact in the shortest amount of time, optimizing your service operations.

Uncover possibilities and take the first steps to modernization.

Connected Blueprint™ For Field Service Overview:

Step 1: Assess

During this discovery phase, Gemba Walk with our subject matter experts to identify strengths and opportunities. We'll compile and analyze data to create a structured path and have targeted meetings to create tailored, innovative solutions with tangible impact at regular intervals.

Step 2: Prioritize

Prioritize opportunities on a Kaizen PICK chart from what we gathered in our discussions and Gemba Walk. You’ll choose a focused workshop on what is most critical for your business:

  • Scheduling & Dispatch
  • Technician Success
  • Proactive & Predictive Transformation
  • Mixed Reality

Step 3: Act

After identifying your strengths and weaknesses, prioritizing opportunities, and focusing on a critical area to your success, we’ll act on these insights and create your very own unique, tailored Connected Blueprint™ for Field Service.

Connected Blueprint™ For Field Service Deliverables:

  1. Findings and Recommendations
  2. Prioritized Kaizen Opportunity PICK Chart
  3. Financial Value Estimate Model
  4. Execution Plan

Service Improvement Opportunities:

  • Capture and track vendor and customer communications
  • Manage assets and preventative maintenance
  • Share Knowledge Base articles with technicians and customers
  • Set up IoT alerts and commands
  • Match work orders with technician skills and proficiencies
  • Technician collaboration with Mixed Reality
  • Enable Field Service Mobile Apps, inspections Forms, and Mobile Report/Invoices
  • Engage with colleagues via Embedded Teams Collaboration Hub
  • Enable live technician tracking and text notifications
  • Analyze and integrate with dashboards and IoT data streams
  • Resolve complex cases using Intelligent Swarming