Dynamics 365 Upgrade: 2-Day Assessment (On-Site)

Merit Solutions

Are you using Microsoft Dynamics AX? Are you considering a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade in 2018? This 2-day assessment will quantify the time, effort, and cost required to make the move to Azure.

The goal of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 upgrade assessment is to obtain all the information you need to understand your organization’s path to Microsoft’s next generation business platform.

Day 1 is a joint working session to uncover all of the critical factors with the existing system in order to then spend Day 2 working on the assessment summary, recommendations and estimate for proceeding with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 upgrade.

Day 1 – Functional and Technical Assessment

  • Functional Assessment

    • What does the company make/sell/offer?
    • What is the history of AX?
    • What is the organizational structure? Who owns AX?
    • What work streams and corresponding AX modules are in scope?
    • What major customizations/integrations exist?
    • What are the critical outputs (reports, printed forms)?
    • What manual processes currently exist outside the system?
    • What compliance mandates exist (SOX, FDA…)?
    • What data retention requirements exist?
  • Technical Assessment

    • What is the Server topology (AOS, SQL, EP, RDS…)?
    • What are the access and security considerations?
    • What are existing licensing and hosting costs?
    • What integration points exist? Can any integrations / customizations be replaced with out-of-the-box solutions?
    • What is the size and version of the database(s)?
    • Do existing FRD, FDD, TDD, and test scripts exist?

Day 2 - Summary, Analysis, and Recommendations

  • Summary of collected assessment information provided.
  • Licensing and pricing analysis provided.
  • Assumptions and recommendation approach document provided.
  • Estimates and assumptions provided, including: Azure cloud infrastructure, data migration, code migration, integrations and 3rd-party solutions, security/compliance and BI considerations.


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