Mentoring Service

Mobile Mentor

Our mentoring service helps customers leverage Microsoft 365 to improve endpoint security & user experience. We help accelerate the learning curve & reduce risk by deploying Microsoft 365 optimally.

Our Mentoring Program is usually a multi-year program where we work together to define your vision, implement a shared roadmap, deploy the tools and transfer knowledge to your IT team.

We start with an assessment to understand today’s reality, constraints, and dependencies. Then we jointly develop a vision of your future employee experience. As part of this, we will support you to articulate and describe a compelling vision of your future employee experience.

We then develop a 3-year roadmap (crawl, walk, run) to turn that vision into reality. This becomes our shared roadmap, with shared accountability and regular progress reviews.

Each month our Project Manager creates the work plan for the month ahead, and schedules workshops, meetings and deliverables so our architects and engineers are working with your team to plan, design and deploy the capabilities of your Microsoft 365 licenses. This will include migration support and retiring overlapping technologies - where technically feasible.

Along the way, we provide technical support and knowledge transfer and documentation. Our goal is to empower your team to go further and faster than they could working alone.

Our engineers are certified by Microsoft, Apple, Google, and CyberArk. We are always learning. The purpose of our Mentoring service is to execute an agreed program of work, implement best practices, empower your team with knowledge, and provide great documentation and support.

Outcomes of the Mentoring Service:

  1. Fully leverage Microsoft 365 licenses to improve endpoint security and the user experience.
  2. Accelerate the learning curve with knowledge transfer, documentation and expert support.
  3. Reduce risk, costs and time by deploying Microsoft 365 optimally and retiring overlapping products