Merger & Acquisition Microsoft 365 & Azure Migration Service: Consulting Service – 10 Wk Implementation

Neway Technologies

Streamline the process of migrating and integrating Microsoft 365 and Azure-based environments to enhance security and optimize business following a merger or acquisition (M&A).

Most mergers and acquisitions are made for solid business reasons, but combining two or more entities often proves to be challenging. Nowhere is this more evident than when attempting to integrate the technology environments of multiple companies. Combining IT assets, including on-premises and cloud environments, often provides obstacles that can significantly slow the merging of two businesses. Integration challenges can be significant even when both entities operate in a Microsoft environment.

The effective integration of Microsoft 365 and Active Directory tenants is especially critical in terms of security. Each entity often has its own security stack, and the fragmented security profile may not meet the standards required to be competitive. Security is essential not only to protect the business but also to ensure the combined business can grow safely and profitably.

Acquiring companies with Microsoft technology often requires that the merged company utilize a single Office 365 and Azure tenant. This standardizes the infrastructure and enables using the latest technological advancements in an ever-evolving cloud platform.

Neway Technologies streamlines the establishment of a unified Microsoft environment for two or more merged companies. Our proven process leverages a wide range of SaaS services for communications, collaboration, and security to a Microsoft 365 and Azure-based environment that will support existing and future business logic applications and workloads for the merged company.

The Neway solution consists of a structured, six-step plan customized for your specific needs:


This phase includes the identification and refinement of business requirements, technical requirements, security requirements, and end-user requirements.


During this step, we review and analyze all collected information. This is critical to ensure data consistency and accuracy, identify dependencies, identify gaps and showstoppers, and gain insights into the full breadth of the project and what is needed to complete the migration.


Developing the solution design includes understanding the different components required for the solution and how they work, connect, and are configured. During this phase, we present and discuss alternatives to ensure that the ultimate solution meets your needs.


With the design completed and a clear goal agreed upon, we then develop the various plans and processes we will be following to get from the current state to the designed state.


During the migration phase, we act on the defined plans, prepare the environment, and move objects and data from the source to destinations as defined in the design document. We finish this phase with post-migration support and cleanup as required.

Post Migration:

Migrations are complicated and often require additional work before the engagement is completed. During this phase, we provide support and ensure that all issues caused by the migration are resolved.

*Pricing and timeline are subject to the size and scope of the project.