Teams Firstline Enablement: 1 Day Workshop


Teams Firstline Enablement Workshop walk you through the art of the possible, working with you to identify unique needs of your firstline workforce to help solve your specific collaboration challenges

As the hub for teamwork, Microsoft Teams is designed to help organizations improve collaboration and increase efficiency by automating key business processes. With the Teams Firstline Enablement, customers will work through 1 day workshop for various firstline worker challenges and pain points to identify top prioritized scenarios for their firstline workforce. Workshop focus on below 3 key areas to assess existing work environment, define customer needs and plan for actionable next steps.

DIGITIZE MANUAL PROCESSES: Consolidate Task and Shift Management in a hub communication platform with automate capabilities. CONNECT WORKFORCE: Use Microsoft Teams as a “Digital Office” that everyone can communicate, share files and push to talk functions. ACCELERATE ONBOARDING: Host all-hands meetings, large events with high-quality Microsoft Teams meeting capabilities and store them into channels to make them accessible for everyone.