Viva End User Training


A comprehensive Viva training catalogue to help your employees skill-up and drive adoption of the Viva suite across your whole organization

Phoenix’s Viva end-user training sessions are informative and interactive sessions created to help your employees to skill-up and familiarize themselves with Viva Connections, Engage, Learning, Topics, and Goals within your organization. These sessions each focus on a specific workload within the suite are typically an hour in duration and cover the end-user experience and typical Viva environments in their entirety, giving your employees the skills needed to use the Viva employee-experience tools effectively.

Target audience: Business users

Delivery timetable: TBC

Duration: 60 minutes

Skills Level/Delivery/Pre-req: Beginner/Steady pace/No experience of Viva Engage necessary

Suggested maximum attendees: 25

Delivery: Remote or Classroom

Workshop Agenda (fully customizable according to requirements)

  • Welcome and Introductions: Cover the objectives of the session and introducing the audience to the chosen Viva workload,

  • Getting Started with Viva: Show participants how to access and navigate their selected Viva workload within Microsoft Teams or in browser.

  • End-user experiences within Viva: In-depth demonstrations of the end-user experiences within Viva

  • Integrations and Mobile Usage: How to access Viva workloads on mobile devices using the Microsoft Teams mobile app.

Questions & Answers

*Note: These agendas are designed for a foundation-level workshop on the different Viva workloads within the suite and can be customized based on the specific needs and skill levels of the end-users. *