Endpoint Assessment: 4 Week Assessment

Computacenter United States Inc

Modern Endpoint Readiness Assessment

Computacenter Unites States Inc. Professional Services has designed an offering to help assess your organization’s readiness for the adoption of a Modern Endpoint provisioning and management solution. This offering is based on the cloud capabilities available in Microsoft 365. It entails a variety of different architectures such as Windows, iOS, Android and MacOS device types. In addition, it is designed to identify all relevant use cases including long-term strategies associated with provisioning, management, and device security. It will also identify any requirements and dependencies to support modernized endpoint environments including cloud licensing. This engagement is targeted to provide the relevant understanding in which an organization needs to envision and plan the endpoint modernization path and identify the outcomes from that change in approach. It will also help describe the adjacent service offerings or associated hardware acquisitions that may be relevant to this engagement.

• This offering provides a number of value-add benefits for the customers environment:

• Leveraging your Microsoft 365 capabilities related to Microsoft Intune, Windows Autopilot, and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

• Reduce deployment overhead and create scalable models by utilizing Windows Autopilot

• Increase management predictability on endpoint performance and reliability via Endpoint Analytics

• Monitoring improvements for the device and the user experience

• Automate lifecycle elements, which can be integrated more effectively at lower cost

• Unify the service lifecycle to effectively integrate and govern

• Security over all aspects of endpoint through advanced features of Azure Active Directory

• Leverage and optimize existing solution stacks and licensing

• Improve long-term adoption of the entire Microsoft 365 suite