Microsoft Enterprise Voice for Teams: 2-Wk PoC

Preeminent Solutions, Inc.

Preeminent Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Partner, can deliver a consulting engagement of 2-wk Proof of Concept to help planning the deployment/migration of your MS Enterprise Voice for Teams in Cloud.

Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice is a cloud-based phone system and audio-conferencing solution from Microsoft that extends the capabilities of Microsoft Teams by bringing together calling, meetings, and messaging into a single application.

When Microsoft Enterprise Voice is enabled in Microsoft Teams, you will experience a cloud-based solution that brings together people, chats, calling, meetings and documents, related to a team or project, into a single location that you securely access from anywhere any devices. With all your communication and collaboration tools in one place, your users will be more productive.

If you would like to confirm whether the Microsoft Enterprise Voice meets your business requirements, Preeminent can deploy a Proof of Concept (PoC) in your environment. This PoC would be a limited-scope implementation to determine whether the solution meets your requirements.

Preeminent’s Proof of Concept (PoC) for Microsoft Enterprise Voice solution includes:

  • Implementation of Microsoft Enterprise Voice PoC for 5 Test Users in your organization with:
    • Enterprise-grade Phone System
    • Domestic calling
    • Call Menus
    • Audio Conferencing
    • Communication
  • Teamwork Workshop with your leadership and business decisions makers to:
    • Evaluate current environment
    • Identify business objectives and challenges
    • Assess current technology capabilities
    • Provide recommendations and best practices
    • Microsoft Teams Licensing options
    • Assess network requirements & readiness
  • You need to provide all required subscriptions and licenses.
  • PoC does not include
    • 911 configuration
    • Number porting
  • For inbound and outbound dialing, we will be using Microsoft calling plan.