Copilot for Microsoft 365: 3-Day Workshop (India) P Ltd

We help businesses to harness the power of AI in a purposeful and outcome-oriented way. Our workshop helps organizations to prepare, plan, deploy, and adopt AI for tangible business outcomes.

AI is transforming the way the world works. Copilots from Microsoft are helping people to become more productive, efficient and creative - across a wide variety of roles. Be it a seller or a knowledge worker across a wide range of disciplines, Copilot is designed to augment their capabilities and make them the best versions of themselves.

As a global award-winning Microsoft partner, Quadra is uniquely positioned to help businesses adopt and optimize the use of Microsoft Copilot. With a focus on connecting technology to business outcomes, Quadra provides cloud solutions that are modern, agile, and intelligent.

Microsoft Copilot is designed to benefit everyone in an organization, offering features that streamline tasks, automate workflows, and enhance collaboration. However, to fully leverage these benefits, businesses often need expert guidance and support. This is where Quadra's services and consulting expertise come into play.

Quadra can assist businesses in implementing a three-phased approach to Copilot adoption: discovery and alignment, data hygiene and technical readiness, and deployment and adoption. This approach ensures that the unique needs of each organization are met, and that the capabilities of Copilot are fully utilized.

In the discovery and alignment phase, Quadra helps businesses understand what Copilot can do for them and how it can augment human capabilities. This involves assessing workplace readiness, defining a value-driven business case, and ensuring data security and compliance.

In the data hygiene and technical readiness phase, Quadra provides targeted training for key stakeholders to raise awareness and understanding of Copilot. This helps businesses avoid common pitfalls and problems, and ensures that Copilot is used effectively.

In the deployment and adoption phase, Quadra supports the rollout with a variety of enablement, training, and workshop sessions. They also provide ongoing support, including communication updates, updated training programs, monitoring usage and analytics, and re-evaluating return on investment.

By partnering with Quadra, businesses can accelerate the successful adoption of Copilot within their organization, and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of technology.

This 3-day workshop is aimed at walking you through all the aspects of leveraging AI: Day 1 will focus on understanding AI capabilities and use case scenarios. Day 2 will focus on data security, compliance and governance, and the changes you will need to make to securely deploy AI. Day 3 will focus on customized scenarios for your business that will help your users to get started in earnest.