Sustainability Manager: 4-Week Greenhouse Gas Rapid Assessment

RSM Product Sales LLC

Assess the completeness and accuracy of your greenhouse gas emissions inventory and develop a strategy to guide disclosures and support the implementation of the Microsoft Sustainability Manager.

To help companies prepare for incoming mandatory greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions reporting, RSM is offering a 4-week GHG Rapid Assessment, leveraging the Microsoft Sustainability Manager to enable companies to assess, track, calculate, visualize, and report on their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

This assessment will review the current state of your company’s GHG inventory and enable the use of the robust out-of-the-box functionality of the Microsoft Sustainability Manager with the option to expand functionality based on business needs. A typical engagement would comprise the following and would be tailored by company:

      • Review company reporting goals, focusing on operations and activities that need to be reported
      • Review Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions inventory (as applicable) including: current state control approach, emissions boundaries, emissions factors, data collection processes, and overall completeness, leveraging trusted and reputable GHG factor libraries, such as the US EPA emissions factor library, and the GHG Protocol methodology
      • Develop recommendations for improvements to GHG data collection and identify risks and opportunities for complete and accurate data tracking
      • Assess GHG software requirements and confirm the following Microsoft Sustainability Manager out-of-the-box capabilities are a match to develop a high-level timeline for any additional functionality needs:
          • Reports (excel-based emissions reports)
          • Models
          • Calculation Profiles
          • Power BI Dashboards

How A Project Looks:

RSM’s 4-week Greenhouse Gas Rapid Assessment is completed in a phased approach. A high-level scope to a typical project includes the following:

      • Phase 1 Current State Assessment [~1 Week]: In order to develop a holistic picture of the company’s current state of GHG tracking, monitoring and reporting, Phase 1 will focus on the following:
          • Confirming key assumptions, emissions factors, and other data sources used
          • Reviewing operational boundaries and control types used to develop the GHG inventory
          • Assessing the alignment of the existing inventory and associated practices with the GHG Protocol
          • Identify existing technology landscape
      • Phase 2: Gap Analysis [~1 Week]: Following the current state assessment, RSM will determine gaps, risks, and opportunities within your company’s current state environment through the following:
          • Compare current state to corporate goals and objectives, stakeholder requests, expectations within the market, and emerging regulations
          • Conduct industry benchmarking against comparator and peer activities
          • Gather business requirements to improve the GHG technology landscape utilizing the Microsoft Sustainability Manager
      • Phase 3: Recommendations & Strategy Development [~1 – 2 Weeks]: The final phase of the GHG Rapid Assessment focuses on the development of a GHG strategy to guide inventory improvement, reporting, and technology adoption, through the following:
          • Develop recommendations to improve Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions collection over the short, medium, and long term
          • Build a prioritized roadmap of initiatives representative of the recommendations
          • Develop a technology timeline that will help guide the implementation of the Microsoft Sustainability Manager solution, including governance considerations, as well as future functionality needs

Key Deliverables:

At the end of the engagement your company will have:

      • A strong understanding of market expectations and regulatory environment with respect to GHG emission tracking and reporting
      • A robust set of recommendations and prioritized roadmap to improve GHG inventory completeness and accuracy
      • A technology timeline to support the implementation of the Microsoft Sustainability Manager
      • Access to RSM’s Microsoft Sustainability Manager team for implementation planning

*Pricing and timing will vary based on project scope

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