Warehouse Assessment for Manufacturing & Distribution: 3-Week Assessment

RSM Product Sales LLC

RSM’s Warehouse Assessment evaluates the existing warehouse operations of our clients and identifies a future vision and strategic roadmap for the organization to reduce costs and achieve their goals.

Clients in the manufacturing and distribution space face a set of unique supply chain challenges and often do not utilize the available technology to identify and solve them as efficiently as possible.

RSM’s warehouse assessment offering focuses on evaluating a client’s supply chain operation and uncovering opportunities to help companies take advantage of their Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management system and beyond. The assessment will take a holistic approach to analyze all aspects of the warehouse and propose a set of solutions ranging from strategy development to implementation. Clients will experience an optimized warehouse operation, more efficient working capital and an improved customer and employee experience.

As part of this offering, the RSM team will perform process assessments to identify inefficient operational workflows and key business drivers within the organization. This assessment will also utilize data analytics to further optimize the workflow. RSM can create robust throughput, storage and capacity modeling that can be used by management to consistently evaluate the health of their operation. Additionally, a slotting assessment can be completed to help organizations further improve their use of space within the warehouse.

Below is the agenda for an RSM Warehouse Assessment:

Week 1 – Phase “Discover”

  • Process Overviews session
  • System Architecture Mapping exercise
  • Value Stream Mapping exercise
  • Current State Process Mapping session

    Week 2 – Phase “Analysis”

  • Slotting Analysis exercise
  • Flow Analysis exercise
  • Labor Utilization exercise
  • Future State Process Design exercise

    Week 3 – Phase “Roadmap Development”

  • Review Identified Opportunities and ROI Analysis session
  • Opportunity Prioritization session
  • Compile highest Priority Opportunities exercise
  • Stakeholder Identification session
  • Opportunity Roadmap creation exercise

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