Dynamics for F&O: One Week Proof of Concept

Skalable Technologies

We'll assess your current architecture then deliver a POC that shows how Dynamics F&O can transform your organization by bringing together people, data, and processes to make better decisions quickly.

In one week, Skalable Technologies experts will evaluate your business needs and then design and deliver a unique, user-friendly solution that helps you digitally transform your organization by bringing together people, data, and processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is a powerful ERP solution that connects all your processes and departments in the cloud to help you make the best decisions quickly. And all this on almost any device from almost anywhere on the planet.


  1. Assessment Skalable Technologies experts will lead a discussion to gain insight into your organization to ensure your business success for today and tomorrow.

We'll review your goals, objectives and current architecture

We'll analyze your existing tools, company needs and potential for scaling up

  1. Solution Design With needs, requirements and systems assessment complete, Skalable Technologies experts will design a unique solution for a Proof of Concept (POC)

  2. Solution Delivery Skalable Technologies will meet with the client to present and deliver the solution and get feedback Further enhancements and next steps will be discussed

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