Assessment for Modernization of on-premises AX or CRM

Sonata Software Ltd.

In 10 days, strategize modernization on Dynamics 365 and plan risk-free migration path

Migration Assessment via tools to assess existing on-premise ERP and CRM systems and strategies the migration to cloud and Dynamics 365 Finance, SupplyChain management and other Business Apps.

The assessment advantages are:

  1. How-to modernize on Dynamics 365 and its Business Applications
  2. Articulating the value of migration and new technology adoption
  3. Tailor a modern functional solution on Dynamics 365 and a path to get there
  4. Purpose built tools to analyze existing on-prem systems (any version of AX or CRM to) to estimate the migration complexity and re-use options.

Migration Assessment Approach • Functional understanding workshops and mapping to Dynamics 365 and its Business Applications • Tool based assessment of existing AX or CRM systems. Includes code assessments, integration assessment and Data migration requirements. • Defining a tailored path to migration with least effort and cost, reusing existing customizations and Data to see value immediately.

Deliverables • Detailed functional process mapping report • Technical, tool based assessment reports for a risk-free upgrade path and reuse data points • Insights into new technology adoption recommendations • Upgrade estimates for further considerations

Why Choose Sonata?

• Deep dive with our dedicated expert functional consultants and enterprise architects to standardize business processes, reduce customizations, recommends new functionality and addresses business pain areas. • Articulate Business Value of adopting Dynamics 365 • Walk away with a clear budgeted number for your ERP migration in 10 days • Our proprietary tool can assess migration to an error limit of 10-15% • We support any version of AX and CRM and give options that wouldn’t need you to entirely scrap your present system, which will help you go-live faster. • Purpose-built tools & assets to automate and deliver one step migrations, 30-60% Savings