Power Platform Automation - Business Analysis & Use Case Briefing: 2-Wk Assessment


In the 2-week Power Platform Automation assessment, we aim to enhance your business processes by leveraging the capabilities of Power Platform for efficiency and automation.

The focus of the Power Platform Automation assessment is on enhancing operational efficiency. We delve into your existing processes to uncover and address key areas that can benefit from automation, setting the stage for a more streamlined and effective workflow system.

The assessment primarily:

  • Focuses on Business Process Analysis & Use Case Definition, evaluating and identifying automation opportunities within your workflows, which includes:
    • Covering Business Process Mapping/Diagrams to create visual representations of your processes, pinpointing inefficiencies and planning for streamlined operations.
    • Providing comprehensive AS-IS Documentation that details the current state of your workflows, alongside Use Case Documentation to map out the automation journey and foundational enhancements.

This assessment is suitable for anyone interested in making their operations more efficient, whether you're already familiar with Power Platform or considering its adoption. We offer practical insights and a roadmap for applying automation effectively within your organization.