Fleetman Rapid Deployment: 1-Week Implementation

Konica Minolta IT Solutions Czech s.r.o.

Implementation package for FLEETMAN application - user roles and processes, tenant setup.

Implementation services include:

Setting up and commissioning of the Microsoft 365 tenant Before installing the FLEETMAN application itself, it is necessary to commission and set up your Microsoft 365 tenant (if it does not exist, we will set it up for you). We will also create environment that will host the product instance itself.

Analytical Workshop Proper setup is vital for application adoption and smooth usage. In order to deploy FLEETMAN according to your needs we go through 4-hours on-line workshop, where we discuss: • Security roles for individual users, • The structure of the company's organizational units, • Folder structure for document management, • Preferred organization settings within the standardization options of the standard product, • Recipients and notification channels for individual notifications

Deployment in the production environment Installation of the FLEETMAN product in a production environment (directly by our team via technical user admin access). At this point, the product is ready for further parametrization.

Configuration of the organizational structure and user roles For the correct operation of the application, it is necessary to set up the organizational structure of individual branches and then assign users to this structure. User security roles are also set at this stage.

Product parametrization Product configuration uses outputs from the analytical workshop and includes following tasks: • Commissioning of integration on Teams/Microsoft SharePoint • Creating a predefined folder structure for document management • Configuring business logic parameters • Enabling individual processes performing business logic in the Power Automate tool • Transferring and setting up product notification templates • Configuration of notification triggers including recipient lists and their preferred channel for each notification • Enabling advanced system search tools