Customer Voice: 3-week Analytics & Technology Assessment

Wellesley Cove LLC

Develop a prioritized implementation roadmap to leverage Dynamics 365 Customer Voice based on your organization's strategic objectives

Our consulting team will develop a holistic roadmap for your organization to leverage Dynamics 365 Customer Voice effectively. We will enable your organization to get to deeper insights about your customers’ journey and build stronger relationships with your existing and future customers through better survey structures, enhanced analytics, and advanced dashboarding capabilities.

Our assessment will be focused on your technology future state, in which your organization will accomplish the following:

  1. Capture feedback immediately across channels with personalized surveys to continuously track customers' perception of products and services
  2. Uncover customer sentiment, trends, and the metrics that matter to your business to ensure complete understanding of your customers
  3. Build unified customer profiles in your customer data platform to align team members on recommended engagement decisions across all channels
  4. Reduce response time in the moments that matter and deliver great customer experiences by setting automatic alerts, triggers, and notifications

Customer Voice empowers every user across marketing, sales, operations, and services to drive personalized experiences and ultimately improve the bottom line by surfacing rich insights and automating follow up actions.

Customer data is scattered across multiple systems because customers interact with organizations across many channels. Organizations that can unify the customer data gain a significant advantage in understanding their customers. Customer Voice works with your other Dynamics 365 applications to create 360-degree views of the customer, orchestrate customer journeys, and personalize customer experiences. Customer Voice integrates direct survey feedback with the behavioral data from Customer Insights to make rich customer profiles that your whole organization can use and stay aligned. Customers Voice helps you accurately predict which customers have low satisfaction or are in need of attention. That means you can proactively target these customers with re-engagement strategies such as product recommendations, curated events, or special promotions. Customer Voice uses Power Automate to deploy real-time follow up actions based on survey responses so you can transform customer experiences in the moment and build brand loyalty.

One of the key features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is the seamless integration that connects customer feedback into your everyday applications and workflows—including Dynamics, Power BI, Power Apps, and hundreds of other apps through Power Automate. Further, Customer Voice helps you to visualize insights on your dashboard, and promptly resolve issues with set triggered alerts. With a simple click into the dashboard, users can access a customer’s profile and view the specific feedback, along with customer sentiment, automatically surfaced by AI technology—to respond with the next best action.

At the end of our assessment, we will prepare a detailed roadmap on how your organization can successfully leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to reap the benefits of Microsoft’s state-of-the-art Dynamics and Power platforms to unlock true business value, top-line growth, and operational excellence for your organization.