Edgile Caller Verifier Powered by Entra ID : 8 Wks

Wipro Ltd

Wipro's Edgile Caller Verifier solution powered by Entra ID helps to authenticate service desk agents using multiple authentication methods and enable them to verify end users calling in for support.

The standard way to verify end users is to ask questions (employee #, last 4 of SSN, personal information, etc) but Are you confident that the person is who they say they are? Do you want your help desk staff to have access to personal information?

Edgile Caller Verifier solution leveraging Entra ID to solve this security issue in the enterprise. Service Desk agents have an incredibly important responsibility: to correctly determine whether callers are who they say they are. Unfortunately, there is not an efficient or consistent method to validate users at a grand scale, with many companies usually settling for personal data which could have easily been previously stolen. A mistake in this regard could result in granting a bad actor access to sensitive data and applications or a ransomware attack.

Utilizing Entra External ID workflow engine, Edgile Caller Verifier helps to authenticate service desk agents and enables them to verify end users calling in for support. It allows for multiple forms of customizable verification including SMS, pre-set PIN Verification, authenticator apps, Peer/Manager Verification and much more. Edgile Caller Verifier also integrates directly into your ITSM (e.g. ServiceNow) and can be configured during the installation process for branded customization on both the front-end and back-end.

The potential for AI to be used by bad actors hoping to mimic someone else is growing by the day, and past procedures can only go so far in preventing a security breach. The Edgile Caller Verifier aims to patch a hole in enterprise security before it develops into something much worse. Wipro will leverage customer's existing Microsoft 365 and Entra ID licenses to deploy this solution through our consulting services at the customer environments with branding and workflow customization to meet the security requirements. Our solution has many verification methods built-in, including but not limited to:

  • Corporate/Personal email one-time passcode
  • Mobile/Alternate/Office Phones
  • Manual Verification against HR Data Source
  • PIN verification (Provided via self-service portal during onboarding)
  • Peer/Manager Verification
  • Authenticator App

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