BE-terna Incoming Document Register

kiadó: BE-terna

Set of advanced functionalities for Incoming Document Register

Application designed for optimized management and better control over incoming documents.

Ready to boost productivity? How about reducing document management time and enhancing accuracy?
The Incoming Document Register is an application designed for individuals responsible for managing incoming documents upon their arrival at the company. This tool streamlines processes from data entry to approval, simplifying workflows and enhancing efficiency and transparency across your organization.

  • Recording and tracking key information of all incoming documents
  • Creating purchase invoices from incoming documents
  • Enhanced control of data accuracy on incoming documents
  • Ability to select approver when creating incoming documents
  • Automatic filling of certain fields based on selected partner
  • Ability to select multiple types of documents on incoming documents

Would you like to eliminate the risk of losing or overlooking important documents and speed up approval process?

Achieve accurate recording and tracking of all incoming documents, mitigating the risk of losing or missing crucial paperwork and ensuring their proper processing and storage.

Streamline approval processes, reducing decision-making time and enhancing efficiency. Attain clear documentation of document approvals and ensure accountability.

Increases control over the accuracy of data on incoming documents, preventing errors and inconsistencies, and ensuring the reliability of information used for making business decisions.

Automates the creation of purchase invoices from incoming documents and fills in additional fields, speeding up the posting process and reducing the need for manual work.

Supported editions:

This extension supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Contact information:

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General Overview:

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Supported country:
Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia. Please ask for additional countries.

Supported Languages:

This app is available in English (ENU), Croatia, Slovenia, Serbian. Please ask for additional languages.