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Handles the removal of leftover quantities in your sales orders.

iDynamics Removal of Sales Order Remains helps you automate the removal of leftover quantities in your sales orders.

Do you work with items that are sold by weight or volume? Do you need help handling the small remaining quantities that might be left in an order after you ship it?

The app gives you options to configure which items are susceptible to leave small remaining quantities in a sales order, and at which threshold that quantity can be automatically removed because they will not be served.

This removal can be configured to be performed automatically. so that when a sales order is posted, any remaining quantities that are below the configured threshold for each item are automatically removed and the order is completed.

Features and benefits of using this app

  • Different removal criteria can be defined by customer, by order, by pending amount and by a time (since the quantities where shipped) threshold.
  • The process can be automated, scheduled or performed manually.
  • The app keeps information about which quantities have been removed in any sales order.
  • Helps you unclutter your list of pending orders, completing any orders that would otherwise be left open with item quantities that would never be served.

Use case examples:

  • An order for 3kg of sand is received. When the employee who prepares the order weighs the sand prior to shipping, they see that the container actually has 2.98kg of sand and he enters that information in the system. On posting the sales order, iDynamics Removal of Sales Order Remains detects that quantities smaller than 0.1kg should be removed, and therefore updates the order so that no quantities remain to be shipped.
  • A customer that, due to the type of product that they sell, may leave small pending quantities of an item. The customer does not have a fixed threshold on which quantity will be left unserved, but wants to configure that: if an order has been unshipped for a certain number of days and the quantity is smaller than a certain value, the order should be closed.

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