LS Retail Delivery Connector


LS Retail Delivery Channels Connector for Hospitality

The Deliverect LS Retail Integration pack guarantees the management of all functionalities inherent to Delivery channels, (Delivery Order management integration, Comments and Notes, Pricing ,Printing Information , Order Type, Order Status integration with KDS and Printers) and sending Item information ( Items, Recipes, Ingredients, Allergens, Nutrients and Nutrition, Item Modifiers; Group Modifiers, Deals and Deals Modifiers, Store Calendar, Tips management and Item availability per Store) to Deliverect.

  • Deliverect for LS Retail Hospitality - Solution developed by Arquiconsult, based on a leading retail solution - LS Retail Hospitality, that offers you tools to manage all processes from Business Central to send Item information and data associated to Deliverect Hub and Order management from Deliverect to Business Central.
  • Friendly Integration - Deliverect for LS Retail solution perfectly integrates all processes, reducing operation costs, simplifying management, and ensuring greater profitability.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly - It is an intuitive and user-friendly solution, even for non-technical functions, providing Management with full visibility of the Delivery Orders and their status communicated to the customers. Usage of Default data to accelerate setup.