ACT - Purchase Requisition and Sourcing


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Purchase Requisition and Sourcing helps users manage purchase requisitions to orders seamlessly.

The purchase requisition process plays a key role in the buying process of an organization. It ensures that fraud is prevented, and organizations get the most value for their money.

With the ACT - Purchase Requisition and Sourcing app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, this is made possible as purchase requests must go through a number of approvals to ensure its accuracy, as well as need.

A purchase requisition is an internal document that authorizes the Purchasing department to buy items or services.

Its function allows users to consolidate order using requisition worksheet and issue Purchase order to the vendor/supplier.

Approval workflow can be set for both Purchase Requisition & Sourcing creating an effective audit trail for purchasing.

In addition, sourcing document provides purchaser an overview on the suppliers quoted information such as pricing, Lead time and Expected Receipt Date. It can be summarised into report for easy decision making.

Highlighted Features

  • Easily setup approval workflow secures your purchasing operations
  • Requisition Worksheet can be used to consolidate orders from Purchase Requisitions
  • Increase productivity with paperless built-in purchase requisition and sourcing capabilities
  • Traceability of historical transaction within Business Central
  • Intelligent automated vendor suggestion highlights the best choice vendor to purchase from

Supported Editions

This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

All countries where Business Central is available

Supported Languages