LS Hotel

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The comprehensive property management system to manage your entire hospitality operations.

LS Central for hotels: More than just a PMS

Extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with functionality designed to run your hotel or resort.

  • Add the functionality you need. Get a PMS with functionality for retail, bookings, restaurants, ticketing, and more, and manage it all on the same platform.

  • Reduce effort and eliminate mistakes. See all your information in one place, including room status, vacancies, restaurant or spa reservations, and guest information. No need to copy data across systems – you always work on the same database.

  • Offer a consistent and hassle-free guest experience. Simplify reservations for activities, charge services to the room, and maintain accurate invoices with zero hassle for your guests.

Get total visibility over your enterprise – and your guests – easily

Many hotels and resorts still use a mishmash of separate systems that can’t communicate, creating an unnecessary amount of manual work that can lead to costly errors.

With LS Central for hotels, you can access all information about your property, guests, bookings and services from a single database.

  • Handle business processes for multiple properties in one platform

  • Manage rooms alongside ticketing, retail, food service, rentals, reservations, and more

  • Keep all your information stored in one place

  • See real-time reservation and room statuses

  • Get a 360° view of your guests

LS Central powers tens of thousands of hotels, resorts, spas, amusement parks, retail stores, restaurants, and more around the globe.