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Do you manage data in more than one system? Do you get frustrated when these are not in sync?

Spider consists of several different features, mainly around different types of integrations, making different systems work together.

Keep your external systems in sync

External Systems in Spider helps you log changes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and with the help of Spiders Web Services and API pages, you can extract the changes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to your external systems making sure the information is synchronized in all systems.

Keep your Master data in sync

With Spider your master data will be in sync at all times. When working with multiple companies that share master data, it's important to have everything synchronized between companies. Set up a chart of account or vendor registry (or any other registry) in one company, make changes or update your data and things will automatically be synchronized to all companies with instant feedback if anything goes wrong.


Use Spider to manage all your integrations, either as a toolbox to add your own integration or use the ones we added out of the box. Building an integration from scratch can be both time-consuming and hard. In Spider we have added the tools you need to get started and you just need to focus on the missing piece that needs to make your integration connect seamlessly to Business Central.

A few of the most common integrations needed in Business Central are to import G/L entries or FA entries. With Spider you can import a text file that posts directly to the G/L entries or FA entries using no code, only set up. For details, please go to

Integration Queue

Importing and exporting data to and from other sources is almost a necessity these days and with Spiders Integration Queue you get in control. You can always see in which stage a file is, and no files will be deleted until the data is fully committed. You can always see the history, and if things go wrong, it is possible to correct the data and retry the job while keeping the original.

Extra Fields

Spider helps you store external information in Business Central without any customizations. Your external system may have information regarding for example a customer whom Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central does not have a field, just add an extra field to your customer card and you can make sure users get all the necessary information no matter which system they regularly work in.

Do you use other apps or have per-tenant extensions?

As stated above, Spider can be used as a toolbox to manage integrations with Business Central so depending on how an app or per-tenant extension is built it may be possible to combine Spider with other apps. But what we with certainty can say is that Spider works great with the app Swebase. Functions Import SIE (Swebase) and Import Reconciliation (Swebase) will be able to be handled through an out-of-the-box integration type where only setup is required.

Many functions in Spider are built in a way so that they can be triggered in the app Eagle which makes the combination of Spider and Eagle a great match for organizations with multiple companies that have many integrations.

What about the costs?

Spider has a 30-day free trial and after that, the price is based on the number of licensed users in the tenant. Essential and Premium users are priced at 9.90 euros/month, and Team member users are priced at 1 euro/month. To calculate your price and read more about our pricing please go to

Supported editions

This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries

This app supports all countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.

Supported languages

This app is available in English (United States)


Integration | Webshop | Financial data | Incremental Changelog | Web Services