BE-terna Reactor Platform Core

kiadó: BE-terna

Develop apps in AL in your ERP. Real-time integration, mobility, offline support, hardware support.

Utilize all of your Dynamics 365 Business Central developers to create native Android, iOS and Windows apps directly in AL!

Optimize your business processes in logistics, production, retail, and more with the BE-terna Reactor Platform by developing modern and platform-independent mobile and tablet applications.

By writing the entire application code directly in AL, your developers have access to hardware features such as scanners, RFID, Bluetooth, mobile printers, and more from AL. This approach differs significantly from existing 3-tier architectures and platforms and offers several advantages.


  • The solution has only one code base, therefore can be compiled and deployed as one solution. This eliminates many maintenance issues and reduces the time and costs associated with maintaining traditional solutions that rely on middleware, interfaces, and separate data silos
  • The BE-terna Reactor Platform provides hardware access to scanners, RFID devices, Bluetooth printers and more while wrapping the native Android programming, the SDK handling and so on in easy to handle functions directly in AL
  • Reactor also supports offline process components, allowing you to create a complete offline working process and deliver it with the BC solution in one step
  • The BE-terna Reactor Platform implementation code is written in AL, which means that users have access to all the data and processes they would normally have in Business Central. Therefore, no additional user or data rights management is necessary.
  • The onboarding and learning curve is minimal because AL developers can stay in their familiar development environment and continue writing AL code

BE-terna Reactor Platform automatically creates native applications for all operating systems. This means that a process implemented once in AL is available on all OS platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux. Additional Kotlin, Swift, or C# developers are not needed.
As a result, any BE-terna Reactor Platform application becomes an essential component of your industry solution or project - deployable as ONE WHOLE Dynamics 365 Business Central SOLUTION, sharing the same deployment and lifecycle, fully integrated.

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Supported Languages

This app is available in English (ENU) and German (DEU). Please ask for additional languages.