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elevateAD for Active Directory Automation

Elevate HR Inc.

Automate creation, synchronization, and disabling of AD accounts based on employee transactions.

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With Elevate AD, you can:

• Tighten enterprise security and mitigate risk of human error
• Auto-create, sync, move, and disable AD accounts directly from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Ops
• Manage all Global Address Book records: Customers, Vendors, Workers, Applicants

Organizations use Elevate AD to manage Active Directory (AD) as an automatic extension of their business processes. You configure policy- and date-driven parameters so anytime your users enter a contact, onboard a vendor, or hire an employee, Elevate AD triggers the creation and activation of each corresponding AD user account. Seamless bidirectional synchronization between Dynamics 365 for Finance and Ops and AD provides your company's employees, customers, or vendors the access they need, when they need it, without delay or manual intervention. Terminate an employee or end a contract, and Elevate AD automatically deactivates AD user accounts and cancels access to all systems. AD Integration respects AD account security options, including Kerberos DES encryption types, smart card interactive logins, and sensitive accounts.