DynamicsAdvantage for Multi-Entity Financial Mgmt

kiadó: HSO US (AKA)

Automate the setup and management of multiple legal entities (e.g. consolidate 200 in under 20 mins)

DynamicsAdvantage for Multi-Entity Financial Management by HSO (formerly AKA) enables companies to automate the setup, management, and consolidation of multiple legal entities, regardless of complexity

Companies with multiple entities and global operations, such as Private Equity firms, face challenges in managing them. Processes are complicated, time-consuming, and error-prone, and regulatory scrutiny is more intense than ever. DynamicsAdvantage for Multi-Entity Financial Management provides everything your finance team needs to effectively and efficiently automate the processes involved in setup, consolidation, and maintenance of multiple entities. With this advanced functionality, you are ready for local and global expansion.

Consolidate hundreds of entities on multiple levels in minutes and with just a couple of clicks, regardless of complexity. Build workflows that support master data management and segregation of duty, simplifying, and securing processes. Manage multi-entity transaction imports with a single workflow. Take advantage of robust, flexible fund accounting. Set up entities quickly and keep them synchronized. Tools that automate and save time also increase the accuracy of financial data and help keep you in compliance while giving you better visibility for faster, smarter decision making.