Amicis JustRight

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Flexible, Accurate and Automated Inventory Planning and Replenishment Solution

Amicis JustRight | Inventory Planning and Replenishment

Have the right product in the right place at the right time with the inventory planning and replenishment capabilities of Amicis JustRight. Keep up with rapidly shifting customer purchasing patterns, build accurate demand forecasts, plan inventory, optimize purchasing and execute your plans swiftly and effectively. Our Azure-based cloud solution, fully integrated with Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, offers superior flexibility, accuracy, and automation supported by machine learning to help retailers make better, more informed inventory decisions that enable them to compete in today’s unified commerce world.

The Amicis JustRight solution is easy to use yet powerful in anticipating the needs of today’s sophisticated retailers. It combines best-practice business processes and automation, resulting in valuable and timely data driven insights and reduction in hands-on work for your planners.

Benefits of Amicis JustRight include:

  • 20% reduction in value of stock on-hand
  • 30% reduction in time spent on replenishment and planning
  • 35% decrease in inventory costs
  • 25% increase in inventory turns

The JustRight omnichannel demand management capabilities include:


  • Construct multiple allocation strategies
  • Initiate allocation based on anticipated performance
  • Receive stock, sales and future allocation recommendations
  • Add demand for special events or promotional activity at any level of the hierarchy

Demand Forecasting

  • Best-fit forecasts that accommodate trends, seasonality, lost sales and new products
  • Ensure inventory positions are in line with merchandise financial plans
  • Quickly adapt to shorter product lifecycles and decreased manufacturing lead times

Inventory Management

  • ABC classifications and improved service-level targeting
  • Accurate forecasts based on true demand


  • Create forward-looking, time-phased ordering strategies
  • Determine the most cost-effective order quantity based on target service levels
  • Avoid poor forecasting outcomes like stockouts, overstocks, product obsolescence and lost sales