CuroGens Shipping Manager for D365 Finance & SCM

kiadó: CuroGens

A multi-carrier shipping manager for D365 F&SCM, straight from your inventory management module.

Is your customer service staff regularly taking a beating from customers demanding to know where their packages are? You know they were sent, but there's no easy way to access the tracking information without going through a pile of packing slips, while the customer is still on the phone and getting angrier by the second. This is not an effective way to conduct business.

The CuroGens Shipping Manager is a completely integrated solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Unlike other products and features (Such as the small parcel shipping feature in the products), this solution is comprehensive and advanced, yet accessible using only the standard inventory management module. 

The CuroGens Shipping Manager reduces the time, frustration and manual entry that has become necessary for shipping from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management – using the best features from Advanced Warehouse Management and Transportation Management modules – and combined them into a single, comprehensive , easy-to-use solution.