Dynamics Mobile Van-Sales (DSD, HOD, DS)

kiadó: Dynamics Mobile

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Help mobile employees perform van-sales, distribution and delivery activities on the go.

Dynamics Mobile Van-Sales helps you improve operations related to a number of scenarios such as Direct Store Delivery, Home and Office Delivery, Pre-Sales, Direct Sales, Collections, Мerchandizing and more.

Available for iOS, Android and Windows devices, Dynamics Mobile Van-Sales offers:

  • Complete off-line mode
  • The advanced technology stores and consumes data and business logic locally on the device, so employees may perform daily routines with no need of permanent Internet connection.

  • Invoice registration
  • Salespeople can register invoices directly from the mobile devices without Internet connection, and still calculate order totals based on specific customer pricelists, discounts and promotions.

  • Cash, wire transfer, cheque payment collection
  • Salespeople may register payment collection with a variety of payment methods.

  • Invoice printing
  • Salespeople may print documents such as invoices and payment receipts by the means of a Bluetooth printers connected to the mobile devices.

  • End-of-day reports
  • Drivers may run EOD reports and check progress. These reports contain thorough data about sales, inventory levels, etc. and can be used for daily reconciliation.

  • Credit balance, credit limits, dues
  • Salesmen may be blocked for visiting customers with due invoices or exceeded credit limits.

  • Inventory visibility and tracking
  • One may check inventories loaded in the truck by items, lots (batches), serials. Inventory levels are updated on every sale made.

    Dynamics Mobile Van-Sales works best with Dynamics Mobile Fleet. The latter allows supervisors and managers to perform the following activities:

  • Geo-location monitoring
  • All transactions are augmented with GPS coordinates and rendered on the world map, allowing supervisors to track the fleet in near-real time.

  • Sales route management
  • Supervisors may plan routes for each day and salesperson by providing a list of customers to be visited in specific order.

  • Live fleet monitoring
  • All mobile transactions (e.g. orders, invoices, payment collections) may be observed in real time on the world map.

  • Heat maps
  • Various heat map reports are available, showing the places in the world, where most of the business is taking place.

  • Fleet route compliance analytics
  • The system automatically registers and analyzes the planned customer visits and measures their compliance with the planned routes.