Fleet Management

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Comprehensive Fleet Management inside MS D365 F&O

Fleet Management is a comprehensive Fleet operations management solution built inside Microsoft Dynamics 365, which enables organisations to effectively manage and control their fleets through providing end-to-end visibility of their operations.

Who is this for?

Long haul transportation companies | Transportation Companies | Heavy Commercial Vehicle Operators | Airlines | Vehicle Hire Companies | Field Service Companies that have fleets

What we offer:

  • The solution has one common dataset of all mobile and fixed fleet related asset types and their related characteristics, that can be linked to geographical locations and regions so that routes and individual trips can be predefined and managed.
  • The individual vehicles are broken down into their various components, like horse and trailers, tyres, engine, load capacity, etc. So the solution not only caters for management of specific vehicles but their various components as well.
  • The solution has full maintenance functionality including preventative, corrective, predictive and condition-based maintenance across all fleet assets and vehicles, as well as loan and client equipment.
  • Record and track warranties against specific vehicles, whether they are based on a calendar time period or on equipment usage. Then manage any warranty claims related to repairs or maintenance. Store and track any related permits as well and know when those permits need to be renewed.

Why Fleet Management?

  • Reducing operational costs and optimise operations.
  • The need to have real time data from vehicles and Smarter route planning.

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