Real Estate Management

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A comprehensive, enterprise level property management solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

Real Estate Management is a comprehensive, enterprise level property management solution that is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations to deliver state of the art digitalised Real Estate Management.

Who is this for?

Commercial Real Estate | SMART Real Estate | Retail | Residential | Industrial | Mixed Real Estate Portfolios | Property Management

What we offer:

  • Buildings floors and units are defined in the system in a visual hieratical structure from which they can be easily managed. Spatial Planning and the installation of equipment and meters is also catered for in the solution​.
  • Create and manage Real Estate lease contracts with multiple billing lines from security deposits to rental by square or at a fixed rate, or any other services and fees that make up the rental contract with tenants.
  • The solution allows users to define and install building equipment directly into the property structures. This means maintenance requests, planned maintenance tasks and even ad hoc repairs can be managed directly from the property record.
  • Whether the firm is the landlord, or managing the property on behalf of others, the solution has functionality that manages and tracks service provided to specific properties including: site, safety and compliance inspections.

Why Real Estate Management?

  • An end to end solution which takes away the need for multiple, disparate legacy systems.
  • Combine the robust functionality of the solution in the back end with the state of the art Cloud and IoT platform on Azure, to enable truly SMART Buildings.

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