Finance | Payment Management

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Finance | Payment Management – easy and fast, as never before

Hundreds or even thousands of payment transactions need to be checked, corrected and assigned to open items on a daily basis by financial accounting departments.
It is often difficult to find errors, especially if the account statements are still entered manually. Each transaction must be assigned and reconciled individually. This takes a lot of time, and the costs for your company are therefore significant.

GWS Finance | Payment Management

provides you with a solution with the following advantages:
  • Manual effort and costs are reduced considerably by the automatic creation of an entry log for reconciliation and automatic initial account assignment and item determination
  • The automatically generated reconciliation proposal for open accounts receivable and accounts payable entries can be posted with just one click
  • The system is simple to use, easily understood, and intuitive via integration into the standard elements of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365FO), daily entry log, and reconciliation.
  • Cash discounts taking into account for the reconciliation proposal according to overdue days tolerances, percentage variance of amounts, maximum amount
  • Explanatory info-box for the account assignment identification and the reconciliation attribution rule
  • Transparent and filterable status overview of the reconciliation using traffic light symbols
  • Filtered items can be posted in blocks while non-posted items outside the filter are transferred to a new daily entry log
  • As an option, account assignment and attribution can be carried out for all clients
  • Simple and easy use - increases productivity dramatically
  • You will enjoy greater flexibility as a result of different, individual, pre-established account assignment and item determination strategies (according to IBAN, account number, account assignment, client and invoice number from the intended purpose)
  • Transparency due to the transfer protocol, indicating the account assignment and item determination strategies applied
  • An increased hit rate due to the adaptive system
  • Good scalability: account assignment and item determination strategies can be supplemented with minimal development costs
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