Retalon Quick Connect - Retail Analytics for D365

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Advanced Analytics and AI Solutions for Retailers on Microsoft D365

Who is this technology for?

Retalon QuickConnect and full suite of retail analytics solutions is built for medium to large retail businesses on Microsoft Dynamics 365.
These AI-powered platform is designed for retailers looking to go beyond BI dashboards and get actionable and timely recommendations for planning, operations, and more
If you are looking for advanced analytics that easily configures to your unique business process and results in tangible return on your technology investment, Retalon + Dynamics 365 will be a great fit for you.

What is Retalon QuickConnect?

QuickConnect makes it easy for retailers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to integrate a full end-to-end suite of advanced analytics solutions tailored for retailers. (See more about the platform below). 
Avoid lengthy and complicated integrations and implementations of retail analytics platforms to your ERP or OMS. It has never been easier to implement retail AI technology to your business process.
Retailers that chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 now have a powerful set of tools that work well with ERP and will see ROI from their technology investment significantly faster. 

About the Retail Advanced Analytics Platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Retalon's unified retail analytics platform automatically reads your data on D365 in real time and optimizes key retail processes in planning, inventory, pricing and more. See full solution suite here.

Retailers using the platform experience:

  • A much higher demand forecast accuracy
  • Significant reduction of inventory costs
  • A more balanced assortment across all channels of the business
  • Optimized order fulfillment and returns process
  • Increased sales and profitability
  • Greater automation and consistent workflow across the business

About Retalon, Microsoft's partner in advanced analytics for retail.

Retalon is an award-winning provider of advanced analytics and AI for Retail. We believe that retailers should be able to optimize and scale their business using AI without a PhD in data science. 
Our solutions solve complex challenges in Planning, Inventory, Pricing, and Promotions, and all solutions stem from one unified analytics platform. Retalon's platform seamlessly integrates with any ERP or OMS, and our 100% in-house professional services, technical support, and analytics teams ensure you hit your goals on time. 
To learn more about Retalon, we encourage you to check out these retail video stories from our customers: