Anywhere for Logistics Advanced

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Anywhere Logistics Advanced is a mobile app that support the most of your warehouse daily activities

Instead of perform manual tasks such as receiving goods, picking sales orders, or moving goods, your warehouse workers can use a mobile device with barcode scanners to perform their tasks with optimal accuracy, speed, and consistency.
Anywhere for Logistics it’s offered in 3 different versions that vary in the number of offered logistic processes: Logistics Standard, Logistics Advanced and Logistics Production.

Unique distinctions in Anywhere for Logistics includes:

  • Fully support for Inventory Management warehouse processes
  • In-built process consistency
  • Optimized for Performance
  • Powerful, streamlined approach to customization
  • Multi scanning support
  • Language Adaptability
  • Flexible choice of preferred devices
  • Solution versions to fit your requirements
  • Independent of specific operating system
  • Wide range of Microsoft Dynamics version support
This version of mobility studio works for application version 1707.8.1.5 and later.