Vyas Special Pricing & Chargeback Management for Dynamics 365

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Solution for distributors to effectively manage promotional programs and vendor chargebacks

Supply chain solution for distributors to effectively manage pricing rules and vendor cost recovery.

Special Pricing & Chargeback Management for D365 by Vyas Consulting (VyasTec) is a highly affordable, manageable and efficient solution for wholesale distributors. Industry data confirms that roughly half of distributors’ profit is now based on vendor cost recovery programs (SPA programs). These complex and dynamic programs must be well managed to be competitive and financially successful.

VyasTec’s flagship product SPA and Chargeback management integrates the entire SPA program management cycle, right from Agreement setup, Application, Claim, Payment and Dispute resolution into a single solution that provides distributors with the efficient tools necessary to reduce manual touchpoints and reap the benefits of a seamless process.

Key Features of SPA module set in Dynamics 365 for F&O:

• SPA rules (effective dates, deal-specific, max/min qty, mix & match, bundle-only, configure SPA…and many more)
• SPA combination wizard - ability to stack multiple discounts & nest calculations
• Process to Request Special Price (RSP) from Vendors (Date Extensions, Qty Increases, etc)
• SPA simulator; Approval workflows; Intercompany SPA management
• Claiming & Collection
• Integration with A/P, A/R, G/L, PIM, IM, and Advanced warehouse management


· Lower operating costs with efficient and streamlined management of vendor claims

· Reduce manual administrative work

· Reduce cost of dispute resolution

· Reduce vendor receivables days outstanding

· Increase cash flows

· Reduce cost of goods sold

Special Pricing & Chargeback Management solution provides a lot of flexibility to wholesale distributors. It is easy to use and the look & feel is consistent with standard D365 F&O. Also, it can be conveniently integrated with Sales, Purchasing and Finance processes and significantly reduce manual work. Wholesale distributors search for cost-effective enterprise solutions and VyasTec has developed this application keeping all the pain points in mind. Our solution can be configured for your precise business needs and ensure that you utilize D365 F&O to its full potential.

Why Vyas Consulting?

Our experience has encompassed every version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics AX) since 2002. Our teams understand the full breadth and capability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and can tailor it to your precise business needs and ensure that you utilize the software to its full potential. Our team has over 20+ years of experience independently and within large, global employers. Coupled with an offshore team hand-picked from our network, we deliver solutions to you accurately and economically. You can be confident that our solutions are technically sound.

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