Retail Banking Customer Management System

kiadó: Cognizant

Leverages D365 CRM to provide digital transformation of retail banking sales & service lifecycle

The rising demand for digitizing and modernizing customer experience in the world of retail banking calls for an end-to-end Customer Relationship Management solution for both managing prospects and servicing customers with key features like:
    • Real-Time Portfolio Management 
    • AI Assistants
    • Digital Lending and Payments

Cognizant’s “Retail Banking Customer Management System” solution is designed to extract the potential of simplified analytic processing of prospect’s data for accelerated decisions as part of cross-selling

    • Virtual Agent driven portfolio analysis
    • Configurable Rule Engine for products suggestion for prospects
    • DocuSign integration for electronic signatures
    • Customer Portal for application submission
    • Unified Client Interface
    • Integration with mortgage onboarding system for appraisal and underwriting.
    • Omni channel implementation for Customer Support  
    • Mobile App for customers
    • Dashboards and reports for better pipeline and performance tracking
    • 24/7 Virtual Assistant
    • IVR Support 

Why RBCMS?   Risk Analysis – Track risk positions in real-time across prospect portfolio for offering best suited retail banking products servicing – Delivering consistent and reliable support with focus of 360 degree view of the customer and knowledge articles