Data8 Duplicare™ De-dupe and multi-merge for D365

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Deduplication via advanced fuzzy duplicate detection and multi-record merging

Data quality is a continuous business process and duplicates within your environments can be costly and may cause reputational damage and data compliance issues. Initial and on-going de-duplication is essential to maintaining high quality data and improving user experience and adoption.

Data8 Duplicare™ has been developed to increase the quality and integrity of your data. It runs on Dataverse, delivering advanced duplicate detection and merging across the Power Platform.

Data8 Duplicare™ offers the ability to dedupe and merge multiple records with all fields, customisable quick merge bulk de-duping of existing records, all within Dynamic 365. In addition, Data8 Duplicare™ provides advanced duplicate prevention at point of entry, and the ability to merge multiple records with all fields, including custom entities, at point of entry.