Diabolocom for Microsoft Dynamics


Diabolocom CTI for Microsoft Dynamics

Diabolocom is a 100% cloud-based voice solution for your sales teams and contact centers, natively integrated into Dynamics.

As a telecom operator, Diabolocom also provides phone numbers and guarantees premium call quality in all countries.

Empower your agents with all the information they need in a single interface and a contextual call script to lead the conversation. Get the most out of Dynamics with our feature-rich call solution including IVR, ACD, skills-based routing, CTI, outbound call campaigns with all dialing modes, click to call, call blending, self-service based on all the data held in your CRM, payment over the phone PCI-DSS, call logging & recording, real-time supervision, reporting, and much more!

Benefit from the experience of our teams acquired with our many joint projects with Dynamics for the past years.