Edu365 ERP for Higher Education

kiadó: Fusion the Apps People

A comprehensive student administration solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Edu365 is a comprehensive ERP for Higher Education, revolutionizing all aspects of an institution’s operations from a single platform. Beyond managing the student journey from recruitment to graduation, it enhances faculty communication, provides real-time data analysis, and simplifies administrative tasks with a user-friendly interface. Cloud-based and powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Edu365 leverages AI and automation for seamless integration and adaptability, empowering educators, administrators, and students.

Who is this for?

  • Higher Education Institutions and Universities
  • Community and Vocational Colleges
  • Schools
  • Corporate Training

What we offer:

  • The solution offers a modern platform across multiple communication channels to manage the recruitment of new students.

  • Optimize social media, instant messaging and traditional channels through the use of artificial intelligence.

  • Manage the student application process from admissions through to registration, by using an intuitive and innovative solution simplifying all processes requiring intensive communications and relation-building.

  • Using a hierarchical model, the solution allows institutions to define curriculum structures including qualifications, programs and modules. The system provides easy tracking of when and where these courses are offered, simplifying tracking for students and administrators.

  • Manage the relationships and communication with other stakeholders across the educational institution including, faculty, donors, parents, admin staff and others.

  • The solution keeps and maintains a full communication history record, so you have visibility into all communication.

Why Edu365 Student Information System (SIS)?

  • Fusion the Apps People is a brand of the SIS Global Group of companies.
  • Our solution is a comprehensive end-to-end Student Information System driving better outcomes for student and faculty.
  • Real time visibility across the entire student journey driving tangible digital transformation outcomes.
  • We're not just a provider. We are your partner. By applying the latest technological advances, we will help you to provide your students and staff with a world-class experience from enquiry to graduation.

  • We have helped a number of universities to attract more of the best students, increase student success and retention rates, and dramatically boost the efficiency and success of your higher education institution.