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CRM SmartMap Mobile

InfoGrow Corporation

Drive sales results with Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM mapping on your smartphone.

It’s all about closing business, which necessitates meeting with more prospects and spending quality time with key customers. Imagine the impact on sales growth if each rep made one more call per day and one more appointment each week. By helping reps navigate territories and pursue the most lucrative opportunities, CRM SmartMap Mobile is vital for exceeding sales quotas and optimizing efficiency in the field. By integrating select CRM data into the industry-standard tools in Bing Maps, field reps can create visual representations of all accounts within a designated radius. For added efficiency, maps are based on user-defined criteria such as open or closed opportunities, sales volume, company size, industry, and other demographics stored in CRM. Unlike a full-scale mobile CRM application, CRM SmartMap Mobile filters and delivers only the information your account managers and sales teams need to get the job done, eliminating the need to search through your entire CRM database. Reps can quickly access pertinent CRM data on phones, tablets and other mobile devices, to find opportunities, set appointments, follow up on leads, close sales, and track activities and updates. *Includes standard 2 hour set-up and training. Visit for more information.