kiadó: Innovaccer Inc

InCare built on Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

InCare provides integrated care management and enables true patient-centered care, all on an industry-leading, flexible platform.

InCare fuses together Innovaccer’s best in KLAS care management solution with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to support post-acute care management. The result:

-Increased productivity, reduction in number of in-use applications and the ability to see a longitudinal view of the patient for care managers.

-Better care team collaboration with social workers, nutritionists, community resources and clinicians where care plans and updates are made available to the patient’s clinicians at the point of care for review and approval.

-Improved whole-person care with personalized, assessment-based plans that address social determinants of health and help close care gaps and increase medication adherence.

InCare, built on Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare's common data model, amplifies the value of your EMR by extending care beyond the four physical or virtual walls of your hospital. Innovaccer has over 85 pre-built EMR connectors to incorporate ambulatory, home health & virtual care data into a single longitudinal patient record that helps care managers, coordinators and clinicians to drive improved outcomes.  

Innovaccer’s data ingestion and normalization tools enrich the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare with unified clinical and non-clinical data, systems, processes and experiences across the healthcare enterprise. This ensures that accurate, valid and cleansed data is used to create the longitudinal health record which feeds InCare as well as Patient Outreach, Patient Service Center and additional Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare solutions. 

InCare provides a wide range of workflows to assist care teams, simplify redundant tasks, bridge care, and coding gaps, improve patient engagement and deliver quality care outcomes.

Key Features: 

-Comprehensive Patient Profiles

-Configure assessments and care protocols

-Coordinate care with the mobile app

-Automated Worklists: Spend more time with patients and less on paperwork

-Deliver seamless patient experience by empowering care teams with data-driven insights

-Population Stratification