DDA - Data Archiver for Dataverse

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Dynamics 365 Add-on which intelligently moves the Emails with their attachments to SharePoint.

Data Archiver for Dataverse (DDA) is an add-on built for Dynamics 365 that intelligently moves the emails with their attachments to Microsoft SharePoint for reducing the storage overhead on Dataverse.

DDA add-on Offers following Features

  1. Free Up Dataverse Space for Emails and Attachments
  2. Secure storage – Data does not leave the client tenant ensuring data compliance
  3. Native User Interface for emails built within Dynamics 365
  4. Export Emails with attachments in Zip format
  5. Full Text search for emails and related attachments

The primary purpose of the product is to free up the space used by emails over time in D365 to avoid the costly monthly recurring costs for D365 storage. Email activities and attachments account for more than 60% of D365 Database storage.

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