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Lead Management Solution for Health Care

Pragma Health Care solution helps to manage the in-patient leads for a hospital. Hospitals get leads in the following different ways:

  • ACD Information (After Consult Desk)
  • Direct Enquiry Quotation
  • Enquiry TPA Desk

Pragma Health Care solution would be used in hospital to record the in-patient leads and follow up with patient using phone call activity. When the lead agrees to get treated in the hospital the lead is won and contact is created for the patient.  

Pragma Health Care is packaged with Pragma Auto Numbering solution. Pragma Auto Numbering is used to generate incremental ID for the leads created in the system.

Underlying Features of Pragma Health Care:

  1. Aggregate Leads from different Sources: Hospital Lead, Web, Chat, Email, SMS, Mobile Apps.
  2. Automatic Phone Call creation on Lead creation for follow up.
  3. Track an enquiry made in hospital until its closure.
  4. User level dashboards to track closure.
  5. Rule engine to support lead qualification.
  6. Attractive view for contact (Patient/Doctor).
  7. Option to allow/skip Phone Call activity creation on holidays.
  8. Maintain competitor hospital information for further analysis.
  9. Maintain contact attempt count for each patient.
  10. Unique number or string for each record using auto numbering solution.



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