Multi-Select Lookup

kiadó: Preact Ltd

Configurable field lookup enabling multiple records to be selected

Search and select multiple records to populate a lookup field for any Dynamics 365 record.

Select two, or more, records in any lookup field using this custom control that provides greater flexibility when you want to associate multiple records. Begin typing to match and select multiple records using regular lookup capabilities.
  • Configure multi-select lookups on any record form
  • Enable multi-select lookup capabilities on quick-create forms
  • Works with any searchable system table
  • Space-saving alternative to sub-grids

How to Deploy

Deploy the Multi-Select Lookup solution and any of our packaged products as part of Preact's managed service, Elevate 365. This all-inclusive subscription also connects you to CRM support, technical expertise, product insight, user training, and online learning content to grow your Dynamics system faster and continuously improve.

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