Decarbonisation Compass

kiadó: PricewaterhouseCoopers Business Services S.r.l.

The PwC's solution empowers firms to compare emissions scenarios and find optimal Net Zero plans

Committing to be a Net Zero Company is becoming an urgent requirement for all businesses and calls for a roadmap of interventions to cut GHG emissions through rethinking the production chain, energy supply, choice of suppliers and more. The interventions must be included in a strategic planning that takes into account the progressive GHG abatement over time, but also the investments required, to reflect the company's all-round development strategy.

The Decarbonisation Compass is a PwC's service to support clients' Net Zero strategies, helping them positioning with respect to market standards and the SBTi goals, harmonizing the decarbonisation goals with their business ambitions and identifying which are the levers available to meet the target. At the end of the service duration the customer is provided with a digital solution that enables the evaluation of several decarbonisation scenarios in terms of emission reduction and actions cost, to identify the best strategy to adopt. The service is based on Microsoft Cloud For Sustainability (MCFS) platform, extending the GHG Emissions module capabilities (Report, Record, Reduce) of the Sustainability Manager with a solution that enables the fore-looking perspective to Net Zero target.

The target of the Decarbonisation Compass service is represented by all the Companies that wish to commit to Net Zero strategy. There is not a more important prerequisite than that, but an ideal starting point is when a Company already has adopted Microsoft Cloud For Sustainability and it is recording the Carbon Footprint within the Emissions module (the 4-week service duration refers to this situation). PwC’s service can extend to the adoption of Microsoft’s solution and the calculation of the Carbon Footprint.

Service Program:

1. Preliminary Assessment - evaluate the presence and the maturity of the Company's Net Zero strategy

2. Carbon Footprint and MCFS Activation (if needed) - enable MCFS and populate the emission data for Carbon Footprint reporting

3. Initialization of the Solution - deploy the Decarbonisation Compass digital solution on MCFS and start growing the information database

4. Vision and Target - define the Decarbonisation Goals, harmonizing business ambitions, climate commitment and regulations

5. Decarbonisation Strategy - identify the feasible actions and initiatives to reduce the emissions

6. Handover and Roadmap - Handover the Decarbonisation Compass solution to customer, for allowing him to elaborate scenarios and identify the best roadmap to Net Zero

Technical Specifications - the digital solution delivered by the service is a customization of client's MCfS platform, entirely based on Microsoft Power Platform suite. It requires the standard set of licences for Power App, Power Automate and Dataverse.