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Software Management

Rockton Software Inc.

Designed for Software Publishers and VARs, this app is the ultimate time saving tool for your team

Managing recurring invoices and product licensing can be challenging. It’s time to streamline the process!

With flexible billing schedules, payment reminders, and penalty calculations, we’ve transformed tedious manual tasks into an automated, time-saving machine. Create invoices with the click of a button and enjoy the accuracy and efficiency of CRM workflows. While you're at it, easily send invoices to an entire Accounts Payable department, or to a single contact.

Designed specifically for Software Publishers and Value Added Resellers (VARs), our Software Management solution is the ultimate time saving tool for your entire team.

Product Features:

  • Brilliant Billing Schedules
    Our fully automated and flexible billing system lets you bill annually, quarterly, monthly, or even daily. Whether you configure one or one hundred billing schedules, each can be fully customized based on common billing attributes: overall length of the billing schedule, frequency of billing occurrence, inclusion of billing reminders, penalty calculations, and even partner margins. Once your team has billing schedules in place, what remains is as simple as the click of a button and the workflows handle the rest. No stress and no hassle.

  • Instant Invoicing
    Create invoices on demand with the click of a button, or automate the process by scheduling them to automatically generate for you! Save your team hundreds of hours of manual work by automating the entire invoicing process, from generation to sending the invoice to your customer.

  • Precise Product Licensing
    Eliminate searching for product details when it comes time for billing. Software Management tracks product information such as product platform, series, version, and most importantly whether the customer is current on their maintenance directly in a single view. Enter excellent customer service, as all members of your team will be instantly brought up to speed by simply scanning the screen.

  • Reminders Reimagined
    Schedule automatic reminders to your customers regarding their upcoming or past due payments. Fully customize your reminder schedules based on the needs of your business. Utilizing a set of Reminder Rules, you control when reminders are sent, the email templates used, and which contacts receive the messages. A typically tedious and manual process turned automatic-- now that’s reminders reimagined.

  • Spot-On Sending
    Are your invoices landing in the correct inbox? You can ensure the delivery of invoices, reminders, renewal notices, etc. with an assist from our Software Management solution. Assign contacts in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM to functional roles that you’ve created to be certain they are receiving all the necessary correspondence.​​