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R Systems Digital Mailroom for increased efficiency in managing correspondence flows

For many companies, the “new normal” means either hybrid working systems – mixed remote and office work – or fully remote working environments, which only adds up to the challenges of efficiently managing correspondence. Organizations, especially those with multiple sites, have often struggled with delays in documents reaching the designated people, documents lost during transfer or even missed due dates caused by lack of proper deadlines tracking.

Digital Mailroom is an intuitive document management solution that enables organizations to record, assign and trigger due dates for documents. The solution allows for fast upload and registration of documents, along with a track record of every received or submitted document.

Digital Mailroom represents a Microsoft Azure based, user-friendly application that ensures the availability of critical information at the point of need, adding a series of important benefits for the company overall:

  • Optimizing the correspondence management processes – organization, notifications, reminders
  • Speeding up data entry and submission of documents to key stakeholders
  • Transforming manual document processes into efficient, seamless digital delivery flows
  • Eliminating all the correspondence allocation and follow up errors