Salentica Engage

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Salentica Engage is an integrated platform built on Dynamics 365 and designed for wealth management.

The Salentica Engage application is the hub for centralized client data and provides a holistic view of your clients and offers workflow automation for everyday processes such as Client Onboarding, Address Changes, Client Review Meetings to save on time and resources.

The Salentica Engage application also offers multiple implementation packages and 5 prebuilt workflows to address the needs of your organization. Salentica will work with your team to select one of the following implementation options to help address your CRM requirements and manage costs:

  • Core implementation using template-based data load into our standard CRM template.
  • Enhanced deployment enabling template-based data load with additional entities and security setup as well as additional training.
  • Enterprise deployment is designed to allow for more customization and additional entities, while obtaining mapping and loading data into the Salentica Engage platform. 
  • A custom deployment option is available for clients with a need for a high level of customization. This includes multiple data sources and requirements to create a tailored Salentica Engage experience for your organization. Entity configuration and development of plug-ins and tools specific to your company are also included in the custom configuration.

Enhanced and Enterprise deployments also include dedicated project management resources and architects to increase project efficiency.