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The DMAIC app guides, controls, and improves the success rates of process improvement projects.


DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyse-Improve-Control) is the five-phase process improvement methodology that is used by Six Sigma, LeanSigma, Business Process Re-engineering, and Business Process improvement professionals.

Underpinned by the International Standard 13053 – 1;2011 and used by millions of Six Sigma and Process Improvement Professionals globally, this unique combination standardizes Process Improvement work, makes it quicker and easier for Process Improvers to become competent, provides better controls and insights into process performance and improvement projects, and improves success rates and outcomes (73% of all Change projects fail or under deliver).

The DMAIC App...

    • Is aligned with the ISO 13053 DMAIC method.
    • Guides a process improvement project team, led by the DMAIC Belt /Business Process Engineer/Project Manager step-by-step through the five phases of DMAIC: embedding and reinforcing best practice.

o Makes overt linkages between a process improvement project and the strategic drivers for the project, reinforcing the reason the project is important to Customers, the organisation, and teams

o Defines clear deliverables for each phase

o Allows anyone with access to the App to add comments to any step in the project, or any deliverable.

o Automates end-of phase reviews, ensuring that Sponsors and other stakeholders have full visibility and control of the project progression.

o Manages Process Improvement Teams and assigns roles to team members, improving accountability

o Manages a URL library – allowing the Process Improvement Manager to link information and data sources to the applicable step in DMAIC

    • Creates visualisations of data using the Dataverse and Power BI
    • Creates a Process Improvement Project Portfolio with top-down and bottom-up visibility of all projects, their status, and their details.

An accompanying Torque Management DMAIC Course is also available:

DMAIC course:

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You will be interested in the DMAIC App if you want to…

    • Improve your process improvement success rate.
    • Connect strategic goals to Process Improvement Project goals.
    • Improve governance and track progress of process improvement projects.
    • Implement a single process improvement method across the organisation.
    • Improve time to productivity for new ‘belts’, and Process Improvers.
    • Increase accountability and engagement by process improvement team members.
    • Train and certify the organisation to the ISO13053 standard.