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Zap Lead Qualify Without Opportunity

Zap Objects

Qualify lead to create or skip opportunity record by choice!

Zap Lead Qualify without Opportunity App allows qualifying the lead to account and contact without creation of opportunity.

On installing the app, a new button “Qualify – No Opportunity” would be available under the existing lead qualify button in the ribbon of lead form as well as grid. (The button will show-up only for Users that have been given Zap LQWO Security Role)

Clicking this new button will qualify the lead to Account and Contact. No new opportunity record will get created.

The existing out-of-box lead qualification functionality stays the same and is not impacted.

  • Easy to set-up
  • Qualify lead without creating new opportunity record
  • Existing out-of-box lead qualify process not impacted
  • Lead Form / Grid automatically refreshes after lead qualification process

***Please note that this solution works for CRMv9.0 and higher.***

For CRM Online v8.2 or Dynamics 365 On-Premise, download from below link: